sadness without words ny #1 of 5


just a quick doodle in ny to capture a moment. very sad


raining and getting dark


sitting alone staring out at a wet night wondering what to read

screened images

although not averse to new technologies, I feel able to spend minutes and hours away from laptop/tablet/mobile/cell etc. this leaves me free to notice a tree/flower/bird/dragonfly/yougetthepicture. wherever I went today I found it hard to escape screens emitting images/sounds/entertainment(?). I get the feeling I’m not meant to think independently. how odd?

stop and listen

after over-hearing a family having a discussion in a coffee shop within a huge department store, I wanted to contemplate the mother’s comments that: ‘you can’t go anywhere without music or noise as an accompaniment, these days.’

she certainly had a point. several types of music were blasting out from clothing concessions; mobile/cell phone ringtones of popular music artists are de rigueur; mp3/iPod devices are prevalent; and noise seems to be employed as some sort of distraction – but from what?

as I sit writing this I have heavy traffic, mobile/cell phone noise, constant chattering of passers-by, and other things such as air-traffic as the soundtrack to my life. are we even aware of the extent of the noise that surrounds us?

stop. listen. recognise. distinguish. find some quiet for yourself.

free-writing/silence/doodle = creativity

launching soon:

two distinct courses aimed at inspiring creativity –

one commercial and intended for use in businesses where creativity is valued as a tool.

the other aimed at non-commercial areas to inspire new thoughts and to focus energy, whatever the purpose.

both make use of free-writing as a technique to unlock ideas and inner-potential. silence is integral to the creativity process and is utilised to allow creativity to flow. doodling or scribbling is a way of conceptualising ideas and thoughts before they arrive fully-formed. both seek to harness the talent of the individual by embracing cutting-edge research into human creativity. both are fun and enjoyable ¬†and the techniques can become a continuing presence in one’s life.



how rarely found?

this blog’s purpose is to allow for moments of silence…

silence has a place, even in a virtual world…

what happens when we are silent?

are we comfortable?