cult status/silence

there are so few opportunities to be silent/experience silence that it surely must have achieved cult status by now…

join the cult…

be silent…



just sitting and thinking… you’re doing nothing, they say… there must be things you can do instead, they say…

why must there?

why must my time be full?

what harm in thought?

what need to constantly do?

time to think, reflect, create, that’s what is precious…

how then is this achieved?

a travel weary company ny #3 of 5


a doodle whilst waiting in the departure lounge – waiting because the plane not working. oh dear!

some don’t even get to do this ny #2 of 5


consider those who sleep rough. those who don’t have a home. those who get to experience the full length of a day without distractions of the web-based variety.

then consider the history of central park (this scene). consider the thousands removed from the site in order to create a park. consider… where did they all go? what choice were they given? do many people even realise this?

and this poor soul gets a few minutes piece because it happens to be pouring with rain and deserted at the time because of it. on a sunny day s/he might have been asked to ‘move along.’

silence… but only by chance…

not all silences are equal

punching away on keys, waiting for friend requests, followers, comments, likes, tags, etc., millions of us are accessing a form of silence – but take a look at the qualities of such silence. heads bowed, eyes fixed on pixels, removed from the life that surrounds us (or at least not acknowledging it all that much), mediated far more than is good for us.

reach for that book (e if need be), pick up that pen (stylus is ok too), or just take a moment and sit (standing is fine, you may also lay down, whatever).

how often is your life filled with nothing? how often…

sadness without words ny #1 of 5


just a quick doodle in ny to capture a moment. very sad

raining and getting dark


sitting alone staring out at a wet night wondering what to read

screened images

although not averse to new technologies, I feel able to spend minutes and hours away from laptop/tablet/mobile/cell etc. this leaves me free to notice a tree/flower/bird/dragonfly/yougetthepicture. wherever I went today I found it hard to escape screens emitting images/sounds/entertainment(?). I get the feeling I’m not meant to think independently. how odd?

stop and listen

after over-hearing a family having a discussion in a coffee shop within a huge department store, I wanted to contemplate the mother’s comments that: ‘you can’t go anywhere without music or noise as an accompaniment, these days.’

she certainly had a point. several types of music were blasting out from clothing concessions; mobile/cell phone ringtones of popular music artists are de rigueur; mp3/iPod devices are prevalent; and noise seems to be employed as some sort of distraction – but from what?

as I sit writing this I have heavy traffic, mobile/cell phone noise, constant chattering of passers-by, and other things such as air-traffic as the soundtrack to my life. are we even aware of the extent of the noise that surrounds us?

stop. listen. recognise. distinguish. find some quiet for yourself.