Not a doodle as such, but a welcome release of thought/s



free-writing/silence/doodle = creativity

launching soon:

two distinct courses aimed at inspiring creativity –

one commercial and intended for use in businesses where creativity is valued as a tool.

the other aimed at non-commercial areas to inspire new thoughts and to focus energy, whatever the purpose.

both make use of free-writing as a technique to unlock ideas and inner-potential. silence is integral to the creativity process and is utilised to allow creativity to flow. doodling or scribbling is a way of conceptualising ideas and thoughts before they arrive fully-formed. both seek to harness the talent of the individual by embracing cutting-edge research into human creativity. both are fun and enjoyable ¬†and the techniques can become a continuing presence in one’s life.



how rarely found?

this blog’s purpose is to allow for moments of silence…

silence has a place, even in a virtual world…

what happens when we are silent?

are we comfortable?